I have been guiding for a few years now and the more I do of it, the more I realize what people are looking for in the way of an outdoor adventure. I have had people from all walks of life. Some are serious fishers and some just want to get out on the water and try their luck. I will usually ask when I receive a request for a fishing trip whether you want to catch a big fish or a lot of fish. This will usually tell me what type of fisher person I'm dealing with. It really doesn't matter much to me but I don't want people to be bored to death trying to catch a monster if they just want to catch fish regardless of the size. They always say that a poor day fishing, is still better than a good day at work. The main point is to make sure everybody has a good time. I'm a bit of a safety nut which means, no drinking of alcohol while fishing, take direction on movements in the boat, and I like to see people wearing their life jackets. I provide life jackets for adults but I don't always have the right size for small children. Any other concerns can be addressed when the trip is booked.